Coaches & Staff

Evie Lane – Head Coach /Director / Welfare Officer

BG WAG Level 3

UKG WAG Level 3

Pre School Level 3

Club Judge

Sally Gibson

BG General Gymnastics L2

Working Towards BG WAG L2

Senior Coach

Welfare Officer

Oscar Burkitt – Men’s Artistic Coach


Working Towarda BG MAG Level 1

Rebecca Swallow – Woman’s Artistic Coach / Assistant Welfare Officer


Working   towards BG WAG L1

Lottie Lane – Coach

BG WAG Level 1

Working toward BG WAG L2

Holly Cook – Woman’s Artistic Coach

BG General Gymnastics L1

Working toward BG WAG L2

Toni-Jaybe Barrett – Coach

UK Woman’s Artistic L1

Club Judge

Jenne Cook – General Gymnastics Coach

BG General Gymnastics L1

Core Proficiency

Joanne Locking – Coach

BG Woman’s Artistic L1

Club Judge

Amelia Summerton – Coach

Uk Woman’s Artistic L1

Club Judge

Tracy Gibson – Coach

BG Woman’s Artistic L3

Lucy-Lou England – Coach

BG Core Proficiency

Charlotte Caster – Coach

BG Core Proficiency

Isabelle Turner – Core proficiency Coach

Core Proficiency

Alicia Goodman – Core Proficiency Coach

Core Proficiency

Young Leaders – In Coach Training

Jessica Turner

Saraiah Morrison Swallow

Esme Olley

Amelia Moor

Matilda Perkin

Harriette Hunt

Lilly Hill

Poppy Langly

Megan White


Jackie Barrett
Kitchen Supervisor
We would like to thank all the parent volunteers who help throughout the week, we we truly grateful for their time and assistance.

WAG – Womans Artistic Gymnastics
MAG – Mens Artistic Gymnastics
BG – British Gymnastics
UKG – UK Gymnastics